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What is it ?


Wallpabox is a graphical interface for the fbsetbg command used on Fluxbox or Openbox desktops. Wallpabox allows you to add wallpapers, to set one as your current wallpaper. You can choose many options like a maximised, centered or tiled wallpaper (or full screen). You can also use a mode that displays randomized wallpapers.

It is built using Python and is released under the http://www.gnu.org/licenses/licenses.html#GPL(external link) license.


Features ?


Drag and drop : You can simply add new wallpapers by a "drag and drop" in the Wallpabox's window.

Different mode : Wallpapers are displayed using four modes.

- fullscreen : the wallpaper looses its shape if its size is different than your screen resolution.
- maximised : the wallpaper takes up the full screen without distorting the image.
- centered : the wallpaper's size does not change and the wallpaper is centered.
- tiled : the wallpaper is displayed in a "tiled" mode.

Random mode : Your wallpaper will be one of those in your wallpaper's list. Each time you use the fbsetbg -l command, a random from your list will be chosen.


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